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[Comments] (2) Taxes really are a beautiful thing!: I did our taxes yesterday. The Fed owes us $200 and the state owes us $400. Plus, PwC finally gave me my $200 check yesterday! So we've got $800 coming (which is interesting considering i have $850 on my credit card due in February). Life sure does work nicely sometimes! KPMG called last night but I wasn't home. I had to work on a Federal Futures Market project until 10:30. Ah, the joys of college life. Hopefully he calls back tonight!!


Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 30 2004 18:56

We got a very large tax refund too. They won't be a beautiful thing once you owe at the end of the year, which may be soon it sounds like, because it seems like you are landing great jobs!

Posted by John at Sat Jan 31 2004 17:21

This is true. But we will still be poor for at least one more year.


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