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[Comments] (4) Picturesque: We went to Sundance today for lunch with PwC. It was really good. It was so beautiful up there too. Dang homework--otherwise we could have enjoyed it more. Susie's mad because we parked up above and took the shuttle down to the lodge, and it was really muddy. Luckily I had garbage bags and towels in my car, so the car interior is clean.

It's wierd because it was snowing up there but all clear down here (blue skies). Of course, I guess that's not too wierd. That's normally how it is.

We got a free blanket that says PwC on it. It's huge! It's that sweatshirt type of blanket. It's soooo soft.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Feb 01 2004 13:54

Did you eat at the Tree Room or the Foundry Grill?

Posted by Alyson at Sun Feb 01 2004 13:54


Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 01 2004 21:04

Neither, it was catered in the Rehearsal Hall. Although John says he would like to go there sometime.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Feb 04 2004 13:52

Dave and I went to the Foundry Grill to celebrate graduation from his Master's program. We were all by our little selves (boys in tow). The meal was incredible, but the graduation was disappointingly anti-climatic because we had to pack and move out of our apartment and had little time and $ to celebrate. I think I must have cried that day.


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