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[Comments] (14) Weekend of Bliss: Well, I finally did the unthinkable (for me, at least). I had a completely homework-free weekend. I don't think I have ever done that before. My test Friday took 90 minutes less than I planned it to, which was a bonus, cuz then the weekend began 90 minutes earlier.

I didn't watch as much conference as is ideal (only about 4 of the 10 hours) but I was busy playing Uncle John with Tyler so that others could enjoy the conference, so I felt good about that. And there's always the Ensign. I was excited to hear them mention the Newport Beach temple that is under construction.

Saturday afternoon we went to the cabin with Grandma June and the rest of the family. I took Tyler and Ember hiking, while the older nephews complained about there being no Nintendo up there. I really hope my kids aren't so into the video game scene. I'm not and neither is Susie, but then I have never ever seen Jamie or David touch the video games either so it must be one of those unexplainable generation gap things. Can't wait to deal with that one. It's an eternal debate between not giving in to letting them waste time with video games, but having my kids always want to be at the nieghbor's, who will more likely than not have them.

Sunday morning I made pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast and Susie made the cream cheese frosting for them. They were a big hit. Each kid ate about five of them. If only mom's chocolate milk hadn't been bad, the meal would have been perfect....

As of today, back into the daily grind already.


Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 04 2004 16:08

You should have played Uncle John with David and Franko too so that they would have let the rest of us enjoy conference. Thanks for the pumpkin spice!

Posted by Joe at Mon Oct 04 2004 18:24

Stan Watts told Mom and me that it is taking a bit of work for that temple to get built. It seems that the members want a temple that "is nicer than their homes." No simple timpanogas style stained glass windows, and forget the manufactured doornobs, they all have to be sculptured and individually cast.

I will be interested to see the artwork that will go into it though.

Posted by Frances at Mon Oct 04 2004 19:16

Actually, Watts has it wrong. The stained glass and sculptured doorknobs come straight from President Hinckley. He is the one who wants temples nice, rather than the tacky ones they built in the 1970s. Susie and I were talking to Richard Oman about how the Prophet consulted him on temple design theory. Then Richard went to the building committee meeting and Prs. Hinckley spoke using all of Richard's ideas and a lot of his very words.

I'm afraid the average member wouldn't know "nicer than their homes" if it bit them.

Posted by John at Tue Oct 05 2004 10:17

Plus the community gets their say. The whole of the OC refused to have a temple in the vicinity, afraid that it would depreciate the property in the Bonita Canyon/Newport area. So the only way the local government would ok it is if it followed certain guidelines (looked southwestern, etc).

"Nicer than their homes" seems appropriate. After all, it is the house of the Lord.

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 06 2004 18:27

I think the "southwestern" look is the depreciative aspect.

Posted by Frances at Thu Oct 07 2004 20:20

I think it's going to be a lovely building, judging from the artist's rendering.

Posted by Joe at Tue Oct 12 2004 10:59

I was there with Richard Oman as well. That is right. I was just observing the disparate building practices in the church with regard to geography (which in most cases cannot be avoided). You have a Temple built in Ghana, for example, that has building materials that can be millions of dollars less expensive, or a chapel in Holliday, UT that has a full softball field, Covered Pavillion, Brick Barbeque, and park on its property, and in San Antonio you get the "tried and true" design. Stands to reason that if you pay more tithing, you should get more beautiful temples. Members in Newport Beach should have more input into what goes into building their temple than perhaps those in Costa Rica.

Also the church would not want to detract from the area. Perhaps it is just a little sad to me that San Antonio (which will still get the Hinckley directed sculpted knobs and unique stained glass) will never look as exquisite as Newport Beach, but I must repent of my selfishness.

It was also interesting what Pres. Hinckley said during conference (Saturday morning?) about why they use the "tried and true" patterns instead of specializing each job. He said it is much more inexpensive.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Oct 12 2004 14:02

Video games: Kids these days! Could be a generation gap thing, could be a parenting/peer groups issue. Many people our age spent hours and hours on those things but you and Susie and I didn't. I liked a bit of Tetris now and again but I never pestered my parents for a console or anything.

I'm having trouble understanding what Joe is saying - I guess it is akin to "people in these areas do not pay as much in property taxes and therefore have less funding for their schools/recreation areas/public works projects and that is fine." But the bit that I'm sure I'm misunderstanding is "Members in Newport Beach should have more input into what goes into building their temple than perhaps those in Costa Rica." I am assuming that this is because the money from the Newport Beach temple came from tithes from members who live in Newport Beach, while the Church as a corporate entity pays for a Costa Rican temple. Am I understanding correctly?

Posted by John at Tue Oct 12 2004 20:08

I guess that I have a little different understanding than Joe does concerning temples. The Church, as a whole, wants every temple to be of fine quality, as it is considered The House of the Lord to us. I have never in my life looked at a temple and thought "how ugly." Sure, I may have preferences in taste, but as a whole, they serve their function beautifully to me. (As an aside, many would find the Provo temple to be ugly, but I find it to be unique, symoblic, and love it there, having been going there for 4 years now).

Tithing can dictate things, such as where to build a temple, because only tithe-paying members are eligible to build a temple. So it makes sense to build where the most members can attend. I know that's ulitarian thought, but that's just how it has to be for now. But I didn't think that necessarily determined how nice to build a temple. I can promise the tithing of the members in "The Kong" don't pay enough to justify the beauty of their temple. But in Newport, no tithing funds are being used at all, so that they can be used elsewhere. The members there are both wealthy enough and generous enough to build the temple on their own. But they still don't get to pick the design. They make proposals, of which we believe the Prophet, as God's mouthpice, chooses the ultimate design. We don't have a temple design class as an alternative to Sunday School or anything...

Tithing and taxes, to me, are not related at all. I'll post a separate comment on why that is, at least in my mind, later. Hope this helps, Sumana.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 13 2004 08:12

Aha! I see! I hadn't realized that the Newport Beach members were giving non-tithe contributions for the building of their temple. Thanks for clarifying that as well as your other points. I do look forward to understanding the similarities and differences of taxes and tithes more fully.

If I recall correctly, France has the same policy for nuclear plants - use the tried and true designs, we know they work, don't try and reinvent the wheel every time. I'm not trying to be blasphemous or anything - it's just that I see the pragmatism of going with established designs for these kinds of huge projects.

Posted by John at Wed Oct 13 2004 10:06

When they have the open house for the temple, we'll invite you down. I think you would really enjoy it (and I promise it's not in an attempt to convert you). It's a chance for people to understand what exactly goes on in the temples. My guess is it will be in April to June timeframe.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 13 2004 14:15

That sounds great. I hope I can come. Thanks for the assurances; I appreciate your scrupulousness.

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 13 2004 15:39

I've never been to a temple open house, I'm excited!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Oct 13 2004 17:18

Sumana: "Video games: Kids these days!"

I guess I married a kid!!! Video games are the bane of my existence. Aaron loves them and plays them way too much for me. It is more of a social thing for him though...he likes to play with his brothers.

As far as the tithing thing goes, members who pay and don't reserve the right to allocate where it goes. You use faith and give it to the Lord.

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