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[Comments] (7) Weekend: We watched the presidential debates while I studied Friday night. Saturday morning we took my Grandma to breakfast at IHOP. I had the pumpkin pancakes. Then we went back to her house. I looked at pictures with her while Susie played the piano. Then we had our eyes examined. Susie and I both have new glasses now. I wish my eyes would settle down, so that I can get Lasik.

Where can I go to read up on John Kerry's proposals? He says Bush is wrong this, Bush is wrong that, but the debates go by so fast that he never gets a chance to explain how he would do it differently. He better not lie to me about taxes....


Posted by John Kerry at Sun Oct 10 2004 14:06

John, I'm glad you asked. You can visit my web site at to read about my proposals.

Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 11 2004 11:39


Posted by John at Mon Oct 11 2004 13:13

Thank you Senator. Those are some mighty promising (and big) promises you are making to the American public. I certainly hope you can follow through on them in the midst of an open market that often has a mind and will of its own.

By the way, why in the world do you think a foreign income repatriation holiday will ever work? The idea frightens me, to be honest.

Posted by George Bush (and I approve of this Weblog) at Tue Oct 12 2004 13:29

If you would have read the Wall Street Journal Mon. 11th of Oct. OP/ED page you would have seen that my opponent wants to roll back those rich people's taxes, but you will see that he and Teresa made over 6 Million Dollars and paid only 12.4% while the average working american paid 20%.
I myself paid my fare share of 30.4% of Laura and my income.

Sure, my opponent wants to roll back the taxes on upper class, but for those who can't afford the league of tax lawyers and accountants who set up fancy trust funds and find the loopholes in the system, you get John Kerry telling you that you are not paying your fare share. These are the people who own small buisnesses and drive 8 year old luminas in order to employ another badly needed worker in the company.

So. . . There's What John Kerry Says, and There's What he Does.

Posted by John at Tue Oct 12 2004 15:54

Will the real Senator and President please stand?

Once again, just want you to know that I am honestly researching John Kerry, as some of his proposals ring true to me (and some, like repatration, frighten me). I just want to see how realistic these proposals are. I will be a very informed and unbiased voter. Well, at least informed. And for the record, I think Susie's and my effective tax rate was only 2% last year. Unfortunately, it will multiply itself this year.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Oct 12 2004 16:54

Sorry for the subterfuge, which of course was meant mostly in jest. I played Kerry; I'm assuming Joe played Bush. *players bow*

When it comes to playing hardball with numbers, I generally defer to J. Bradford Delong, an economist with a weblog.

Have I already referred you to him?

In general, I think that you, Bush, Kerry and I all differ on what the government's "fair share" in taxes would be, and we'd also differ in our spending priorities. Maybe at Christmas I'll get to hear from you more in depth on this topic. Thanks also for your other comment post

which explained your views in more detail.

Posted by Joe at Tue Oct 12 2004 22:30

I am caught!!!

It is true. I was the George Bush impersonator. I hope to not seem mean spirited either and I apologize if I did offend. (I even included some bad grammer in order to be more authentic).

For the Record, I would hope to see the presidential candidates acknowledge once and a while the merit in their opponents arguments. I know that there is merit in the platforms and proposals of each candidate. I think that the great dishonesty in the fight for power is the fact that the candidates cannot find any good in the other.
I am sorry that Bush refuses to admit any mistakes, and I am sorry that there is so much hateful speech that is comming out of each side.

I will be relieved when the elections are over because then there will be a measure of more civility in the world.

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