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[Comments] (5) Hmm: I wonder when he'll dump her from the campaign trail, or if he agrees with what she said. "Click Me!"

In other news, the deer hunt starts tomorrow. Why is it that we have to manually "control" this population but we don't have a bear hunt, or chipmunk hunt, etc? Or is this the guise of NRA-happy hunters? I wonder. I was never into guns in scouts. I did the shooting thing every year at camp and never seemed to enjoy it, for whatever reason. But I do like venison.

Tonight we are babysitting the red-head kids Logan and Ember. We are going to a corn maize for some good "spooky" fun and then having a pajama party, with me and Logan in our room and Susie and Ember on the couch bed. hehehe. I'm really excited, but have a lot to accomplish today before I can "play" tonight. Unless someone wants to volunteer to study NOL limitations and 355 divisive spin-offs for me....


Posted by Sumana at Fri Oct 22 2004 12:17

"Unless someone wants to volunteer to study NOL limitations and 355 divisive spin-offs for me...."

If only I could! *sigh*

Posted by Susie at Fri Oct 22 2004 16:58

Uh, WE get the bed.

Posted by Joe at Fri Oct 22 2004 18:11

Unfortunately there is a bear hunt going on in Minnesota I think. Also they are considering crocadile hunting in Australia. Steve Irwin "the Crocadile Hunter" is actually dead set against hunting crocs. He hunts them to raise them in his zoo. I am sad to see Big game hunting.

As for Teresa, I am just glad to see a woman of dignity on the national stage (not Teresa but Laura). (In reality, Laura Bush really reminds me of my wife Louise.)

Posted by Kristen at Mon Oct 25 2004 17:58

You guys are so nice to babysit.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:46

I have never seen it as doing my brother any favors (though I am sure it does). I remember when I lived at home I would call him and ask to babysit every weekend. My friends thought that I was so wierd to babysit instead of "hang" with them doing nothing every Friday night.

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