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[Comments] (6) Sleepless In Seattle: All this cold rain lately has made me really reconsider moving to Seattle in five years. I hate getting up when it's dark and overcast, and feeling like it never got any lighter.

I hear Joe on the tests. I have three this week. But senioritis is kicking in, and I really don't care that much. I registered today for my last semester of school and I gotta say, it felt good.

Anyone have any fun Halloween plans?


Posted by Sumana at Tue Oct 26 2004 11:04

I'm going to a party on Friday. Still haven't thought of a costume. The host will be "Ronald McGollum."

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Did you ever sing that?

Posted by Alyson at Tue Oct 26 2004 18:05

I didn't know you are moving to Seattle in 5 years. Really? We are going to a trunk-or-treat party for Halloween. Atticus will be dressed as Harry Potter, and Samuel will be dressed as Ron Weasley. I'm sure you will think of something unique and fun, Sumana, but good luck. I hate choosing costumes for myself.

Posted by Frances at Tue Oct 26 2004 18:05

I hate Seattle. Not only does it rain all the time, it smells funny. Give me sunshine!!!

Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 26 2004 19:09

I don't mind dressing up, but it's so hard to think of something. Seattle is just one of the places we're considering once we can't afford SoCal anymore.

Posted by Joe at Wed Oct 27 2004 12:32

Good luck on those tests. I think I would love Seattle even though I've never been there. I found a few job openings for invasive radiologist in Seattle that start at around 350 K and go up to 400-600 K after 3 years depending on the contract and experience. There are also 4-10 weeks of vacation time depending on seniority in the practice. As for rain,.. I would much rather live in a lush forest on the coast than a desert. (although tropical is good too.) *as I make unintelligible run on sentences*
When Louise and I were in New Zealand it rained every single day we were there, but we absolutly loved it. If it is anything like that then move me to Seattle!!!

Posted by Frances at Wed Oct 27 2004 20:12

Nope. Nary a run-on sentence in the batch.

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