Traffic for 2004 October 29 (entry 3)

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[Comments] (4) Pumpkin Butt: Enjoy this fun halloween activity on me!


Posted by Me at Fri Oct 29 2004 13:07

OK, I don't know why that posted three times all wierd. I can't figure out how to delete entries either. Apparently html stands for "hard to manage language."

Posted by Alyson at Sat Oct 30 2004 19:25

Oooooo, I love it. I can't wait to show this to Atticus and Samuel in the morning!

Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 08 2004 15:08

See? You are an expert on style. And I need a peacoat.

Posted by Frances at Tue Nov 09 2004 12:52

I had a peacoat my first year at BYU but it wasn't warm enough.

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