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[Comments] (14) Weekend of Bliss: Well, I finally did the unthinkable (for me, at least). I had a completely homework-free weekend. I don't think I have ever done that before. My test Friday took 90 minutes less than I planned it to, which was a bonus, cuz then the weekend began 90 minutes earlier.

I didn't watch as much conference as is ideal (only about 4 of the 10 hours) but I was busy playing Uncle John with Tyler so that others could enjoy the conference, so I felt good about that. And there's always the Ensign. I was excited to hear them mention the Newport Beach temple that is under construction.

Saturday afternoon we went to the cabin with Grandma June and the rest of the family. I took Tyler and Ember hiking, while the older nephews complained about there being no Nintendo up there. I really hope my kids aren't so into the video game scene. I'm not and neither is Susie, but then I have never ever seen Jamie or David touch the video games either so it must be one of those unexplainable generation gap things. Can't wait to deal with that one. It's an eternal debate between not giving in to letting them waste time with video games, but having my kids always want to be at the nieghbor's, who will more likely than not have them.

Sunday morning I made pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast and Susie made the cream cheese frosting for them. They were a big hit. Each kid ate about five of them. If only mom's chocolate milk hadn't been bad, the meal would have been perfect....

As of today, back into the daily grind already.


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