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[Comments] (11) Inflation Pools: Like Alyson, Susie and I also went to the movies last night. And like Alyson, I would have liked to have seen The Polar Express, but Susie wouldn't hear of it. I suppose it has something to do with that old Richardson tradition of telling your child, shortly after leaving the womb, that Santa is indeed a farce. I sincerely hope that is not a Walsh tradition. But I digress already...

We saw The Incredibles and it was really good. I had my doubts about this one, thinking it would be a cliche movie hero movie, but I was proved wrong. We went to the last matinee of the day (5:30) to save $6. Some things in life just outstrip inflation, I suppose. Like medicine and college education, I guess movie making is just one of those items. Though one wonders. For example, for the past 3 or so years, movies have been advertising on screen before the show starts. This brings in revenue. But have ticket prices gone down as a result? No way Jose. I hear in Century City and Hollywood it costs $13 to see a movie. It is $9 in the OC. But Ernst & Young audits a movie chain, so I get discount tickets for $6. I have always wondered, what with Hollywood being so Democrat and all, why the stars have never made some of their features pro bono, as a way to thank the proletariat. I guess that is one of the many Democratic enigmas I am never allowed to understand, as an outsider. I guess since we all still pay the big bucks to see the flicks, that supply and demand still holds true. Maybe Rachel can calculate the elasticity of demand for me, as an econ graduate.

But I digress again. The point: The Incredibles was, well, incredible. It truly lived up to the Disney/Pixar name of its predecessors. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up; fine holiday fun!


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