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[Comments] (7) For Susie: Susie is mad that no one is posting these days, so I guess I'll say a word or two. First of all, I cannot believe that K-Mart bought Sears. I never really liked K-Mart, but was indifferent to Sears. According to the WSJ (the best newspaper out there), many K-Marts will now become Searses. They won't fool me though; I won't patronize either.

I have been stewing over a Christmas wish list the last few days and, unfortunately, I have all the tangible things I need right now. If anyone can conjure up a way for me to get my degree faster, well, I would be ok with that. But here is my attempt at Christmasosity:

1. Ties (from either Van Heusen, Geoffrey Beene, or J Crew). I am very particular about my ties.

2. Money for my "Susie earned a cruise to Mexico extravaganza" fund.

That's really it, for now at least. I'll keep the world posted as Susie tells me what else I want for Christmas.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Nov 18 2004 10:27

Now I know what to get you - a K-Mart gift certificate! Just kidding, of course.

Posted by Susie at Thu Nov 18 2004 15:36

I wasn't complaining no one was posting, I was complaining no one was commenting! You would also like a house in Orange County, remember?

Posted by Rachel at Thu Nov 18 2004 16:23

unfortunately, I have all the tangible things I need right now

Shouldn't that be a good thing?

Posted by John at Fri Nov 19 2004 07:41

Yeah, you are right, Rachel. It is a good thing. It just isn't a good thing for those who want to get me a Christmas present.

Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 19 2004 08:58

Boys- always thinking they have everything they need.

Posted by frances at Fri Nov 19 2004 13:19

You might not need what I am getting you, but I'm making it with my own little hands.

Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 19 2004 15:13

He needs that.

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