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[Comments] (6) News Flash: I saw a bumper sticker the other day that, though outdated now, was quite catchy. It said: Save the Environment; Plant a Bush back in Texas. Anyway, I thought mom/Rachel/Alyson/Leonard/Sumana/countless others may have liked that.

My old roommate Jake just stopped by to visit. He is at UW in his first year of Medical School. We had a nice long talk (mostly about politics). He said I was the most educated, open-minded Republican he had ever met. I said thank you.

We leave tonight for the OC. My parents left last night and hit snow problems in Cedar City as well as in California that shut Victorville down. But they stayed in Primm anyway. Then this morning there was an oil truck spill in Zzxyx that shut the 15 down. We pray our journey will be less eventful.

This just in: The peppermint bark is a huge success (having passed Susie's rigorous pickiness test). Though she hates peppermint, she likes peppermint bark. Yay! There is still hope for seafood, in some shape and/or form!!


Posted by Frances at Mon Nov 22 2004 16:33

Perhaps I can take you to Red Lobster on Saturday night.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 22 2004 20:55

The stuff at Williams Sonoma? How can you not like it? Yum!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 22 2004 20:56

Is your friend liberal. I think you are very educated as well on issues. Not a knee jerk Republican.

Posted by John at Tue Nov 23 2004 14:34

Yes, my friend is a Mormon liberal, a rarity at best.

Posted by Sumana at Mon Nov 29 2004 16:05

Heard you were ill! Hope you feel better soon.

Posted by John at Mon Nov 29 2004 17:36

Thanks, me too!

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