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[Comments] (3) Krazy Kwanzaa: We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. It was fun to see my family in the OC, where Susie made scrapbooking packets with my sister while I jumped on the trampoline with Tyler. Tyler turns 3 tomorrow so we took him a present. He saw it and was so excited, calling it a "Game Board" over and over. It was actually a golf game, but he mostly seemed to like using the clubs to play Star Wars. A violent toy? I really must learn to analyze every toy better for its potential abuses.

Then it was up to B-town. But we paused only briefly to bid two silly dogs farewell and it was off to the big SF. Everyone kept trying to scare me about the driving, but it honestly didn't seem that bad. (The traffic, I mean; the hills definitely are a bit intimidating). Thanksgiving was fun, but my sickness started that day, so I mostly laid in a warm bed freezing (every time I went downstairs I got so cold).

Friday was a bit warmer and walking along the Golden Gate Bridge would have to qualify as a highlight of a life. It was very cathartic, especially due to some personal stuff I am sorting through right now. I didn't want to leave. If only there weren't noisy cars next to me, it may have been heaven. Kudos to Leonardr for the good times with a great oldie.

Then, since I "had never been to San Fran before," we went to Fisherman's Wharf and to Chinatown. As Leonardr noted, the seafood was nothing to sneeze about. But Chinatown was a nostalgic feast not only for the eyes, but for the olfactories as well. The smells took me back. All that was missing was blood in the streets, and a Hong Kong market it would be. I had a delightful time conversing in Chinese, as well as nibbling on some old Asian favorites from my days of yore.

I drove us home, where I got to experience Pea Soup for breakfast and we recovered mom's purse. Everyone slept the rest of the way so it was just me, the 5, and my thoughts (a rather dangerous thing). We made it home without a hitch until right before the 58 turnoff, wherein the accident of the day occurred. I don't see how anyone could have survived; did you see it in the paper, mom? It's funny how I always grumble about being stuck there until I see the wreckage and then suddenly realize just how grateful I am to be stuck in traffic, and not between a car and pavement.

Well, that was just the beginning of my feeling blessed. On the way home we laughed at all the people on the 15 headed from Vegas to LA, only to literally get what we paid for.

The 15 from Cedar City to Fillmore was pandemonium. Snow, wind, cold, and lots o' cars. I for one am glad for all of the traffic; it made it easy to stay on the road when you could see who to follow. Otherwise, we may have spent the night in an unsuspecting farmer's fields outside of Parowan-agonah-onihah-ites. Wow, those Southern Utah names. All told, we got to go 10 mph for about 4 hours in the dark. Susie's windshield blades stopped working because they were all icy, so I stuck my hand out the window and tried to break it off. Susie did an excellent job navigating the way. Though I did my part in keeping us from getting stuck as well. Susie desperately needed a bathroom but the exit she tried to take had three other cars already stuck on it, so I rerouted us to another, safer station. It was one of those rare times when the road less traveled should stay that way. Traversers of the 15 beware!

Other highlights include visiting Grandma Richardson, teasing Rachel about using mom's walker (sorry, Rach), taking the free tram around SF while some guy smiled at us out of his van window all along the Pier, and being with all of my wonderful in-laws!


Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 30 2004 07:18

John was all supported of my scarededness. Thanks, honey!

Posted by Frances at Tue Nov 30 2004 09:19

Yes, the accident was in the paper. The driver of that one really smashed car died, and several others seriously injured. Apparently the smashed car--the girl that died-- was going northbound and drove across the center into southbound traffic. I think she must have fallen asleep, don't you? I am always very sorry to see such things.

Posted by John at Tue Nov 30 2004 11:05

One of my teachers is in the hospital so class was cancelled. He was going about 5 mph through the Strip in Vegas when a car hit him going 55 mph. The guy claims he was on his cell phone and not paying attention, but I suspect alcyhol has something to do with this.

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