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[Comments] (5) Never In All Israel: I had my estates final last Saturday, and my Financial final today. Then tomorrow is my ethics final, and I don't have a Strategy final, just a paper due tomorrow. That leaves me with only one final during finals week next week. Hmm, well, I guess I can work and enjoy a 3-week break before diving into my last semester. I'll know how students at other universities feel I guess.

I had to change my BYU password today. I've had my old password since before my mission, and they are just making me change it my final semester here? I am NEVER going to remember that I changed it.

It appears that both the Y and the U are coach shopping. I don't know who would want the job. Honestly, every year your job is on the line, not to mention that your name is daily burned in efigy by a very unforgiving quasi-mob called fans and alumni. Sounds worse than being a Senator!

In conclusion, here is the latest from a Dr. Seuss know-it-all.

Mom, as the resident expert, I would be interested to know if this article is fact or fiction. And to think I thought it was just silliness. (Sorry, you have to scroll to the bottom to read the article, entitled "The Green Side of Seuss." All other articles are little more than Mormon dribble. Read at your own peril).


Posted by Sumana at Wed Dec 08 2004 05:53

The letter to the editor on Seuss is, I believe, a very funny satire on right-wing paranoia. The fact that the writer uses the usually positive phrasing "progressive" in a negative context, and gets to strained anagrams to make his point, signal parody. I think. Thanks for the laugh.

Posted by Frances at Wed Dec 08 2004 11:44

hahahahha! Actually, Seuss did write a "green" book. The Lorax, I believe. The one about the trees. That and his other venture into the political venue, The Great Butter Battle, are among his least successful, aesthetically. IMHO.

Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 08 2004 15:13

I told John last night that I could see the Cat in the Hat being about Anarchy, and The Grinch being about Communism, but I think the Green Eggs and Ham thing is taking it a little too far.

Thanks for updating, honey! I missed you.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Dec 08 2004 19:03

Hey--I quite like the story of The Lorax! And so does Atticus (environmentalist in training).

Posted by Joe at Fri Dec 10 2004 19:56

I love "I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew" especially the last line where it says something like, "I am going to take my Baseball Bat and all my troubles are going to have trouble with me." Do you think that is the urban Dr. Suesse coming out?

My faviriot as a kid was "Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose." I admit that I was indoctrinated as well.

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