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[Comments] (3) Four Funerals and a Service Project in an Angel Tree: Today one of my coworkers went to a funeral. Then as I was driving home for lunch, I saw a funeral in the cemetary. And Susie and I are reading The Christmas Box wherein Mary's little girl died. I guess when we aren't faced with it everyday, we sometimes forget that death is always affecting someone.

But on to happier news....Susie and I have been sponsoring the United Way Sub for Santa again this year in our ward. We went shopping yesterday and have now acumulated gifts for 12 children in our living room. Tonight we deliver them to the United Way, so that the parents can wrap them. It's interesting to see who donates, who doesn't, and who says they will but never come through.

It is also refreshing to see how much people give. My finance professor last year told us that "If you aren't willing to give when you have little, you will be less likely to give when you have a lot." I am happy our neighbors are so generous with the little they have. This project always makes it feel like Christmas.


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