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[Comments] (10) Consipracies among the Women's Movement: So Thursday was my last final. After the test, I decided to celebrate the blessed event with some Susie-less Christmas shopping. Some Secret Santa I turned out to be. Though I was able to acquire one gift on my own, I had to call Susie to ask for help in buying the others.

I wanted to buy her some nice clothes for her job. So I snooped in her closet for pant and shirt sizes, and set off to the mall. Well, her pant size appears, on average, to be a 10, and her shirt size a Small/Medium. So imagine my surprise when, at the two stores I looked at, the shirt sizes came in numbers and the pant sizes came in letters.

What a joke! I think some big shot poo-pah at Calvin Klein or Neiman Marcus (a woman no doubt) decided that it gave her power to confuse men this way. Kinda like the sophisticated, 21st century answer to burning one's bra, so to speak. Well, if I ever meet up with her....

I guess Susie will have to rely on Santa Claus for her lavish presents this year. I'm sure his cronies (the elves) don't conform.


Posted by Susie at Sat Dec 18 2004 10:33

I don't think I'm a size ten. Maybe you averaged in the pants on the other number system that were size 30.

Posted by Freudian Slip at Sat Dec 18 2004 15:55

Apparently Susie isn't a size 10, never was, and never will be. She is a size 8 or less. The editors of this paper send their sincere apologies to all offended in the printing of this article.

Posted by anonymous at Sat Dec 18 2004 16:54

what a skinnybutt!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Dec 20 2004 19:09

I was going to say Susie isn't a 10. My guess is a 6, but 8? I don't think she is an 8 either. Maybe b/c she is tall.

Posted by John at Tue Dec 21 2004 07:24

It really depends on the brand. That's the whole dilemma.

Posted by Susie at Tue Dec 21 2004 07:27

I have one pair that's size 6, but from Old Navy, which, as John expressed, is an entirely different story. Darn Old Navy, always trying to be different.

Posted by John at Tue Dec 21 2004 10:33

I wonder what size you'd be at Dress Barn?

Posted by Susie at Tue Dec 21 2004 11:04


Posted by Rachel at Tue Dec 21 2004 21:56

dress barn always reminds me of huge. like if you wanted a tent (or barn) sized dress youd go there.

Posted by John at Wed Dec 22 2004 07:22

That's how Susie feels too. Hence why I tease her about shopping there...

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