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[Comments] (3) Ta Dum!: Here are some neat-o pics of my temple!

Also, Sumana, I am very excited to see you researching Mormon doctrine and Mormonisms in general. But just want to remind you that things posted on the web may not necessarily portray the church, as well as an individual or group's perspective on the church. Susie and I are always available to "take your interest to the next level" if you wish. We are just a phone call away! (Or a 10-hour drive away, if you prefer). Maybe we should meet halfway in Reno some weekend.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Dec 23 2004 15:15

Thank you for the offer. I'm not interested in converting -- my interest is more of the sociological/intellectual curiosity type -- but I am always interested in explanations, so I will probably continue these discussions with you all. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm interested in - for now my description is "how individuals negotiate the rules that religious institutions lay down for them to follow". Hmmm, maybe I do belong in grad school....

I really think you will enjoy your Christmas gift from me. I hope.

I haven't been to Reno in ages so maybe we could visit there together anyway!

Posted by Sumana at Thu Dec 23 2004 15:16

So it's okay to say "Mormon" rather than "LDS"? Y'all won't take offense?

Posted by John at Fri Dec 24 2004 09:23

You may call me whatever you please. I just hope that it doesn't involve cuss words.

I didn't mean that you should talk to us about conversion, I guess after reading a few entries on that "Times and Seasons" webpage, I've decided that I can give you more precise and succinct answers to those burning questions you have, and do so in a non-missionary sort of way.

I basically just want you to know that we are always available to answer questions about Mormonism, so don't be afraid to ask. I promise not to use the word baptism in the answer.

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