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[Comments] (2) Ebert & John: So. Series of Unfortunate Events, the movie, is highly recommended by this writer. From the very beginning about the happiest elf, to the very ending, including a spyglass society and a bunko marriage, I was enthralled! Jim Carrey did an excellent job in his multiple roles, and did a job of not overshadowing the movie with his witty personality we all so love (or despise, depending on your particular affinity to laughter). Sunny, played by twins, was adorable. She made me laugh; she made me cry; but mostly she made me laugh.

Unlike the first handful of books, the movie was made with the end in mind. It concluded itself like it must, but was open-ended enough for a series to be born. Yes, it's true: A Series of Unfortunate Events could easily turn into a series of movies. We would be fortunate to have it so. For those of you who don't see it, for shame.

Today at work I was trying to think of some fun wintertime activities Susie and I can do, what with it being our last winter in this cold, dark, forboding place we call Provo. Then I stumbled across this article in the Deseret News.

To me, the funnest activities include the sledding with the built-in lift (how ingeneous) and the Day at "Utah Olympic Park." The day includes a run down the bobsled track. But with a sticker price of $200 per person, that is one dang expensive minute. I guess that rules that one out; sorry Susie.

Leonard and mom are on their way, stuck somewhere between Nephi and a hard place as we speak. Though they are Sadie-less, we welcome them nonetheless.


Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 29 2004 09:12

Yay! I loved that movie!

Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 06 2005 12:08

John, you guys should go cross country skiing at Aspen Grove. Call first to make sure they still do this, but Dave and I rented skis there and spent an afternoon exploring after I figured out how to stay on two feet. It was loads of fun. Or rent snow shoes from Outdoors Unlimited and go up to the canyon or somewhere else that is snowy. There should be lots of fun places where you can use snow shoes. Those were two of my favorite "snow day" activities.

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