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[Comments] (6) Endings & Beginnings: Time to wrap up the holidays in a boring entry. After seeing the printed blog books, I understand that this is really a journal of sorts, and since I can type faster than I can write, I'll "blog" my boring life, if not for perusers of, then for posterity (who also probably do not really care).

So. Grades came out. Four A's and one A-. But the GPA is stuck at 3.90, and will stay there indubitably. GPA's, like the stock market and interest rates, just don't go up these days too much. They can plummet, however. But I am proud of my efforts.

Bought books today for my very very last semester of grad school. Yay! But I only bought half of them, spent over $300, and some of them were used. The cashier noted that buying tax textbooks is almost as painful at paying taxes. I concurred while signing away my Christmas earnings.

In case I never noted this before, I left my old campus job back in November. My boss was affecting my personal life negatively, and my testimony required me to leave. Our neighbor, who also had worked there for three years, left as well. Enough was enough. So since I only had one final during finals week (the others were early), I started a full-time job at Q Comm in Orem. They sell prepaid phone cards at convenience stores for AT&T, Verizon, etc. If a card misprints, I verify the card was never used and refund it. It's a nice job, I can take as many breaks as I want, and it makes me appreciate customer service. I sit next to the two customer service people (they are very understaffed) and what they go through reminds me why I am getting a college education. Actually, one of them has a degree in international studies from BYU, so I guess it really reminds me why I am in school getting a practical, useful education.

Christmas was with the Chadwick clan this year. Highlights included seeing A Series of Unfortunate Events. My family of 15 took up a whole row of seats at Jordan Commons. I also played "Baseball Monopoly" with Justin multiple times, and played it with Tyler as well. Tyler's verson had us using the markers (a pitcher and a batter). I was always the pitcher and Tyler was the batter. I would have the marker pitch every time Tyler said "Pitcher me, John!"

We visited Grandma June, who gave all the grandkids a whole $10 if we came to her house on Christmas Day. And Christmas Eve was spent at Aunt Brigitta's, where I ate as much Swedish bread as I could get my hands on. Susie got to be Santa Lucia and hand out the candy with a candle crown on her head (an old Swedish tradition).

For Christmas I got ties (exciting I know) and a DVD set of Charlie Brown holiday shows. Watching those shows with the kids made me feel like I was 7 again.

My parents bought a trundle day bad for Susie and I to sleep on, but I didn't sleep well any of the nights there (and it had nothing to do with excitement for Santa Claus). I honestly think I sleep better on the floor with the kids.

We also made Christmas cookies, and Ember was so excited to help. I was always trying to get Ember and Tyler to agree on the same game, as they wanted me to be two places at once to play exclusively with them. For New Year's, we are also spending it with Logan and Ember.

Monday night mom and Leonard came. I worked while they were here, with the exception of Wednesday. That day we went to the Soup Kitchen in SLC and to the planetarium at the Gateway. Leonard and Susie looked at the exhibits while I waited in line for 45 minutes with about 600 ankle-biters screaming loud enough to give me a headache. The star show was on a satellite headed to Saturn to take pictures. Apparently it is the first of a mini-series, as the satellite had yet to relay any pictures back to Earth yet. A rather disappointing show, if I do say so, especially at $8 a head. Oh well, it was educational (in a speculative, we really don't know the truth about Saturn, way).

The used book store had a copy of Little Black Sambo, a book we had when I was small. I longed to buy it, but since it is so rare, the children's ten-page picture book was going for 75 bones. I couldn't justify the cost, since one of our children would probably rip it to shreds anyhow. I'll save myself the money and the anticipated ansgt.

Reading about the earthquake and tsunami in Asia has occupied my free time lately. Though I am glad it did not reach the Kong, I am sad to know that so much death and destruction could honestly have been avoided. Susie and I have pledged a meager amount to LDS Humanitarian Aid to help; it's not much, but should help somebody I hope. My prayers go out to those people. At times like this, many reports I have read conclude with the writer contemplating why God would allow such a thing to happen. The only answer I can give is that God does not micromanage our lives, but does take care of us. His work and glory is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind." That doesn't include anything about preserving physical life or pain in this life. I hope those affected can find closure to this catastrophe and find peace in their own timeframe.

It has been a good 2004 and I look forward to embracing a good 2005.


Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 30 2004 21:19

Happy New Year!

Posted by Frances at Fri Dec 31 2004 16:45

We care!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 03 2005 16:55

Wow! Great grades...How was the Soup Kitchen? Was it like the one on Senfield?

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 04 2005 09:06

If you mean yummy to all envy, yes. But not stuffy.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 04 2005 12:54

So it was incredibly good like on Senfield, minus the Soup Nazi. Gotcha.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 04 2005 12:56

The reason why I asked was b/c I thought you made reference to the show on another posting.

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