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[Comments] (3) Groovy Jets: I love my business law class. It is supposed to last 90 minutes twice a week, but he has never kept us longer than an hour. I love teachers who just teach the stuff, limit the anecdotes, and know when enough if enough. I wish all my teachers could be so succinct...


Posted by Frances at Thu Feb 05 2004 16:56

Where I work, the administration screams and yells at you if they don't think your students are getting their full 52 minutes every day. I always let them go early anyway because I know what it's like trying to get to the next class in only seven minutes. They can't even make a pit stop on that timetable. I know other teachers, however, who really drag it out.

Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 08 2004 12:43

I especially hate(d) when teachers never follow the syllabus. And never get around to teaching you the things you're supposed to learn.

Posted by John at Sun Feb 08 2004 21:02

Is that why you never went to class honey?


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