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[Comments] (3) Good Times!: So today is just one of those beautiful days. The sun is shining, it's in the 50's, and birds are out. Actually the birds were out all morning fighting outside out window. It got so bad that by 7:30 Susie moved to the couch and I just got up and started studying.

Happy Birthday to Rachel! We were gonna call ya at 9:30, but remembered it was only 8:30 and that you were, more likely than not, still sleeping.


Posted by Susie at Sat Mar 13 2004 12:03

John forgot to mention that he woke me up (on the couch) by trying to stick a post-it note in my hair. On the plus side, he had written a sweet note on it.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Mar 14 2004 10:17

I love having the birds back in town. This week Atticus was thrilled to spot a BLUE JAY!!! In our back yard!! He didn't know there was a bird his favorite color living in our neighborhood.

Posted by rachel at Sun Mar 14 2004 22:36

I was asleep, so thanks for not calling. I probably wouldn't have answered anyway :P


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