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[Comments] (5) My two cents: Never mind


Posted by Frances at Wed Mar 17 2004 14:25

No! No! Say it! I care and I will listen.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 17 2004 16:34

I am so glad you have you in our family. It seems like you and I are always on the same page, but always out numbered. :) I love reading your comments because they are so logical and rational to me at least.

Posted by John at Wed Mar 17 2004 18:35

Um, I posted it on Rachel's page under the "Controversial" section. I changed my mind about posting it on my page. Somehow it seems easier to keep the controversy "over there" on Rachel's page than on mine.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Mar 17 2004 19:57

"over there?" haha gee thanks! No, that's ok, I LOVE being the home to controversy!! ;)

Posted by Sumana at Thu Mar 18 2004 10:14

It certainly is nice to have one designated stop for intractable discussions. Your one-stop shop!


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