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[Comments] (4) Good Times: I called EY and accepted their offer on Monday. Of course, that was the easy part. I still have to call the other firms and tell them thanks but no thanks. I'm dreading that.

It was hard to watch the Academy Awards and realized if I would have signed with PwC, I could actually be there next year. Oh well, LOTR won't be there next year anyway.

My niece Hannah turned 3 on Monday, so we had a little get together on Sunday. My other neice(Ember), who is four, let me play dolls with her. But I kept messing it up because I would put Jasmine and Jafar in the dollhouse and, well, they don't belong there. When I asked her about starting "kindeegarten" next year she blatantly told me that it's Kindergarten, not kindeegarten. And besides, she's going to pre-school. Boy was I given an education by her!


Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 03 2004 11:24

Just have Susie call them. :) j/k Congrats!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Mar 03 2004 15:36

congrats... but maybe HP will be there next year!!!! when are you coming to LA? do you want to come and ooogle at the premiere with me?

Posted by John at Thu Mar 04 2004 02:23

The internship dates are June 22 - August 13 so you'll probably have already seen it by then.

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 04 2004 02:25

I have realized (Marissa pointed out) you'll be gone both on your birthday and our anniversary.


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