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[Comments] (6) Fun Times...: Today in church I sat next to the bishop's wife and one year-old granddaughter. She warmed up to me very quickly and began a process wherein she would pile everything she or her grandma owned on my lap, then take it all off, rearrange it, re-pile it, etc etc etc

The hodgepodge of materials included baby wipes, a sweater, keys, a cell phone, two diapers, two care bears, a kangaroo, a diaper bag, four hymn books, random ward fliers, and a flower thing from her dress. I had forgotten that church could be so much fun!


Posted by Frances at Sun Apr 18 2004 19:17

Uhhhhhh..... John? Getting baby hungry?

Posted by John at Mon Apr 19 2004 11:18

I've always been baby hungy. But we're waiting for the opportune moment, which isn't today.

Posted by John at Mon Apr 19 2004 11:19

Besides, it's easier doing stuff like that part-time. But I'm not ready for the full-time baby yet.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 19 2004 16:04

I was really baby hungry and then Samuel was born. It cured me for a long time. Don't worry, if you want I will even *let* you babysit. :)

Posted by Alyson at Wed Apr 21 2004 19:10

Hey--it wasn't SAMUEL that cured you, it was me. Keep my baby out of it :).

Posted by Kristen at Thu Apr 22 2004 13:52

I just wanted to hold and kiss a little baby a lot then. But I wasn't ready to stay up at night etc, so I got the best of both worlds.


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