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[Comments] (7) A minor response: Since I can't post a comment to Suamana's website....I'll take you to lunch any time, my treat! But the catch is......COMING TO UTAH!

In other news, my internship has been extended to 10 weeks now, meaning I start June 7, not June 21. It's wreaking some havoc on other plans I had, but I guess it really does beat the alternative (working at the Harms two weeks longer)...


Posted by Frances at Thu Apr 22 2004 12:06

I'll go to lunch anytime! How about Mexican, Sumana? You may come too John! I was going to write Sumana a letter of condolences, but lost her address in the big computer death.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Apr 22 2004 12:53

I will visit y'all in Utah someday, unless you move to LA first, and will gladly dine with you. And I am sure I'll have lunch with Frances soon (and I hope she keeps it down!).

I realized dimly while posting that I was being unfair and whiny, but so be it. Grump! The most dispiriting thing about the work situation is that, though sometimes my coworkers lunch with me, I always have to do the asking. Eh. I'm sure it will change eventually.

Maybe I will upgrade and turn on comments for selected entries someday.

Posted by John at Thu Apr 22 2004 14:43

I'm curious which place is the lesser of two evils, Utah or LA? In my opinion Irvine is better solely because it has Cheesecake Factory (and Utah doesn't). But that's just me.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 22 2004 19:08

LA is lesser evil, def. Now you can come to my graduation!!

and Sumana: I didn't really have any friends at UCLA until after living here for a year. Upgrade!

Posted by Alyson at Thu Apr 22 2004 20:31

Sumana: And I'll treat you to A WEEKS worth of lunches (and your choice of which bunk bed to sleep in) if you come out here to Kansas!

Posted by Sumana at Fri Apr 23 2004 09:49

Evidently Leonard needs to go back to work in Kentucky or Arkansas or something so I can visit all the friends and family he visited on the drive back.

Posted by John at Sun Apr 25 2004 11:39

Rach, I don't think I will make the graduation. We will be in Vero Beach, FL for training that week, actually. But I'll totally be there in spirit (that is, the spirit of jealousy)...


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