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Something Different: Susie and I signed up to clean the church yesterday, and were even there early, though not another soul came. We were sad to miss out on the service, but went to my grandma's early. There we had root beer floats, did a puzzle, ate popcorn, and grandma took us to Arctic Circle for dinner!

We also got a tour of Lehi. My grandma took us to see four of my cousin's new houses--they are really nice. Actually, though, I did the driving, as grandma wasn't really up to it. I'm kinda jealous at two of my cousin's houses; my uncle bought them as an investment and is letting his kids live in them (for quite the discount I am sure, since they all have a lot more schooling to go than I do). Oh well, we like our place as it is, and we are paying for it on our own.


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