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[Comments] (1) Easter: it feels like Easter is already over, what with the "kiddie" easter egg hunt we had last Sunday. It was fun to be able to participate with the kids, since we don't yet have any. Of course, Susie was bummed cuz that meant she couldn't help hide the eggs. But we got to occupy the kids by playing tag while the "adults" hid them.

While at my house for the weekend, I spent about two hours cleaning more stuff out of my old room. Every time I go home I throw away more stuff. By the time we leave next summer, I'll have everything gone, so I don't have to move it. It's actually very cathartic throwing away old high school memories that don't necessarily need to be remembered anymore.

Today Susie went to the mall to get a sweater thing for my sister's wedding. Apparently there is going to be a dress code for this one. It just makes me so glad that mine is already over.

In other sad news, Sister Hinckley passed away today.


Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 07 2004 21:09

I like my sweater! Luckily we found one everyone could agree on.


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