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[Comments] (6) Today: Well the last two days I have done a lot of client billing. I have also been working on a project extrapolating information from 10-K's to put together information on potential channel 2 (tax only) clients in the Denver area. The client stuff I am probably not at liberty to discuss.

But I always get here before everyone else, so I just sit here until they get here to give me stuff. I begged one of them to give me work yesterday before she left so I'd have something to do this morning, but to no avail. They are all so busy--I wish I was.

Last night I went to the Angel's game. They beat Oakland 6-1, taking first position in the League. It was fun, but the traffic was horrendous. Some days, I feel like my life is just passing me by in a car on the 5....


Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 23 2004 12:27

Time flies when you're stuck in traffic trying to get somewhere,

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 23 2004 13:31

*snnrk* no it doesn't.

Posted by John at Wed Jun 23 2004 14:40

Oh well, it could be worse, I could be in LA!!!!

Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 23 2004 15:15

You sound like you're doing lots of important stuff.

Posted by John at Thu Jun 24 2004 09:27

My wife wrote the book on validation....

Posted by Your Wife at Thu Jun 24 2004 16:49



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