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[Comments] (2) I need a hero...: Well, I was one on Saturday. First I became my sister's hero by babysitting her kids so she and her husband could go to the San Diego temple. I was going to go as well, but their babysitter fell through. Then while there my brother-in-law David (who I just found out hates to be called Dave, though my whole family calls him that) called to say his niece was stranded at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. So I went and rescued them, including moving their two kids and tons of junk into the suburban. Luckily Tyler was cooperating like a good boy for me.

Well, we followed the tow truck to the dealership and it fell off of its hitch. What a smoky mess that caused. Their poor wheels. Well, four hours later I had dropped them off in Yorba Linda (by braving the 55 and the 91) and made it to the toll road and even picked up pizza on the way home for the kids. What a day!

PS--Justin is having me over to his place Wednesday night.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 28 2004 19:51

You're so cool, giving up your day off like that.

Posted by John at Tue Jun 29 2004 09:24

Well, at least Uncle Ernie is giving me a four-day paid weekend.


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