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[Comments] (4) Sand for One: I went to the beach on Saturday. It was a little lonely, but nonetheless relaxing listening to the waves and read with a nice ocean breeze. I got toasted on my shoulders, but nowhere else. They must really be sun adverse.

I got put in the Nursery for the duration of my California time. They have 54 nursery kids in the Ladera ward, so they have four nurseries. I am in the youngest one (so as not to be with Tyler and have him traumatized when I leave in a month). We had an 18-month old there for the first time who cried the whole time except when she had fun wiping grape juice all over my pants. Then another boy got his fingers stuck in the door, and cried for a good half hour. Another boy got his head stepped on and cried and blubbered all over me. Not having any babies in the family at present, I forget how much they drool at that age. Needless to say, I am cured of having kids until 2007 again (sorry honey)!

This week the older boys are going to sports camp all day, and Justin hates it. He was in my room hiding when I can home from running this morning. I assured him that by the time he is 17, he can kiss organized sports good-bye forever, as I have done. I forget sometimes, but it really is tough being a kid having these fears and such. Well, back to Form 3115 and FAS 109.


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