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[Comments] (2) Travels with a Roadrunner: Every night I go running I see these rabbits. I can't help but think they are wild, but then am so surprised that they stick around as man slowly but surely enters their habitat. Last night I had a roadrunner keep pace with me for a good mile. I figured he couldn't possibly fly because he just kept running ahead of me. Finally he did take off a little bit to get ahead of me, but only flew about five feet. I kept waiting for a coyote to show up with some Acme TNT, but to no avail.

I, like Allison, also swam one mile last night. It took me 35 minutes, so I must be really weak. But I was the only one in the pool, which was nice.

The mall scene has been good to me here. Nordstroms, unfortunately, is way overpriced, meaning that once we move here I'll only be able to afford to shop there on Utah excursions. Banana Republic, however, was a pleasant surprise. They actually do put "wearable" stuff on sale down here. I was impressed.

I'm ready to play with Tyler again. I hope they get back early on Saturday!


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