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[Comments] (4) Reality Strikes Again: So there I was enjoying my last day at work when it email from my Corporate II professor. I have about 30 pages of reading to do before school starts in 3 weeks from now! Whimpers me: "I don't wanna go back." Any takers on a year of accounting educational experience you'll not soon forget in Provo, UT?


Posted by Sumana at Fri Aug 13 2004 11:05

Actually, that sounds great, but I doubt you'd want to switch with me (customer service you wish you could forget).

Posted by Susie at Fri Aug 13 2004 11:18

I'd trade but I KNOW you don't want to switch me. Plus I'll have to live through it with you anyway.

Posted by frances at Sat Aug 14 2004 11:18

if it makers you feel any better, i only have one week before school starts.

Posted by Susie at Sat Aug 14 2004 16:43

Are you taking off school to come up here?


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