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[Comments] (4) Utah Revisited: I can honestly say when I landed in SLC Airport on Friday night that I didn't miss the place. But Park City was nice, as it is a little bit cooler up in the canyon. Justin's condo was fun to explore, especially the new hot tub. And we finally figured out how to turn off the back porch light.

We were supposed to go outlet shopping for moi for my birthday, but we ended up spending my money on Susie instead. Oh well, I still got a cool shirt at Geoffrey Beene.

Sunday at my parent's house I finally got my birthday party. It felt a little odd to be opening presents by myself this year, as we have four or five July birthdays in the family. But I missed the big party since I am in Cal, so I got my own this year.

Now I am back at work, wishing I were instead reading The Da Vince Code. I am trying to save the rest to read on my journey to Florida on Wednesday. Not so much looking forward to this round of training--Florida in August. But I get paid for sitting on an airplane all day and for goofing off in DisneyWorld so I suppose I can't complain too much. For my musings on Brown's Code, see Frances's weblog, where I posted a comment on my thoughts thus far...


Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 02 2004 12:47

I spent my own money, thankyouverymuch, and I still spent less than you. =)

Posted by John at Mon Aug 02 2004 13:59

Did not....

And for the record, it's OUR money, otay?

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 02 2004 15:05

"but we ended up spending MY money on Susie instead" see =) you started it. =P

Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 02 2004 18:05

I don't like SLC either.


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