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[Comments] (5) Outside my Bubble: Florida was a lot of fun. I really went out of my way to meet new people and to find groups to go do stuff with. My first night I checked in about 1 am and went straight to bed. Thursday morning I went with the tax guys in my area to "Blizzard Beach." It rained a bit (cuz it's summer in Florida) so that helped keep it cool and keep the lines more bearable. And I didn't get sunburned. They have this one wicked slide that you get up to about 60 mph on. I just closed my eyes and waited to get to the bottom and feel the wedgy.

Thursday night I went to Pleasure Island and watched three OC audit interns get plastered. Needless to say, they got sent home, making our office reputation forever tarnished. They can kiss their full-time offers good-bye. Pleasure Island is an interesting concept...I wonder how Walt Disney would feel about it.

Friday was team building day (EFY for 20 year-olds) and that night we went to MGM. I really wanted to go to the Animal Park, but it closes at 6 and we didn't finish with work until 4. Since I've been to all the parks there, I went with the flow, and the consensus of the group was MGM. We went on Tower of Terror twice, and I finally got to see Fantasmic! It's a little bit different in Florida than in California. For those of you who don't know what Fanstasmic! is, you're missing out. It's a really cool show. That night we went to the pool and hot tub until the wee hours of the morning. I should mention at this point that my roommate from Denver thus far either came home at 6 am or not at all. I didn't complain about having my own room, though.

Saturday was a lot of conference sessions: some interesting, some not. That afternoon another tax intern and I went to the gym there and then went running in the rain. Then we stayed up until 2 am playing cards at the hot tub. Then life got interesting...

My roommate calls at 3 am to tell me to let him in, as he lost his key at Pleasure Island. So around 3:20 I get up to let him in, and in comes some girl with him. Next thing I know they are in their underwear in bed together. Being completely flabbergasted at this point, I now understood where he was all night. Well, I decided to turn the other cheek (literally, because I laid the other way in bed so as not to face them). My resolve was that if I heard any noises whatsoever coming from their bed, I would kick them out. But they behaved. The girl, unfortunately, has serious sinus issues and was snorting all night. When I got up Sunday morning, their were snotrags all over the floor by their bed.

The flight home took me through Cincinatti. I've been to that airport before, but never on a connecting flight. To get to another terminal requires taking a bus across the runway. Strange. Orlando's requires taking a Subway (similar to Atlanta) but not across the runway. On the flight home I saw "Shrek 2." It was like the first one, just ok in my opinion. I really don't understand all the hype about Shrek though. It's not that great.

I've got about 25 pages left in Da Vinci Code. I acutally really like it so far, though one part really confused me. The idea of Christ being married to Mary Magdelene isn't so far fetched to me, but the fact that Dan Brown tries to hint that marriage makes him more mortal than God is something I still disagree with. Word to the wise: Don't read this book in public. People all around me made me recap the story and share their 2 cents about it. I would tell them politely that it doesn't change what the Saviour did for us, and that the book is HISTORICAL FICTION! Honestly, people freak out way too much. I can still be Christian and read a fiction mystery-type novel. Geez...

My luggage made it home with me, which is always a miracle in my opinion. Feeling tired and lazy, I opted to expense a taxi ride the mile back to the office where I left my car, rather than walk back as I usually do. Well, the taxi driver went ballistic on me because he'd been waiting in line for 2 hours only to get $8 from me. Boy did he make me mad. It's not my fault that I want a taxi and don't need to go across town. At the risk of sounding racial, why is it that most taxi drivers are Indian? I don't mean to stereotype, I'm just curious why that is. One more week and I will be home with my wife again!


Posted by Sumana at Mon Aug 09 2004 11:55

Wow, what a trip! More exciting than most trips I've had, and you even got to expense stuff. My condolences that many of your peers acted obnoxiously, and that so did the driver.

The job of US taxi driver is really attractive to immigrants in general; I've had Arab, Irish, and Eastern European taxi drivers, not to mention US-born white guys. You have to learn to drive, to count money, to know the city, and to speak a little bit of English; no formal education necessary. You can drive only a few days a week, or only at night, and therefore work another job during the day.

Indians and Pakistanis and others from that region of the world usually already know some English, so they have a lower barrier to entry. Also, I suspect that the network of Indian and Pakistani immigrants helps keep the proportion of South Asian taxi drivers high; your brother, cousin, neighbor is in the business and helps you learn the ropes, get a license/medallion, etc.

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 09 2004 14:36

Glad you are home safe and are still getting an offer. Can't wait to see you in FIVE days!

Posted by Leonard at Mon Aug 09 2004 18:48

Pleasure Island like in Pinocchio? It seems like it generally had the same effect on people as the one in Pinocchio.

Posted by John at Tue Aug 10 2004 09:21

Yeah, interesting that in Pinnochio it symbolizes boys turning themselves into donkeys (making an ass of themselves) by doing bad things and then Disney makes its own version for adults. But I think the people there were all too drunk to see the irony...

Posted by Leonard at Tue Aug 10 2004 09:48

I don't think Walt Disney would mind tooo much, since he was responsible for Club 33 in Disneyland. He'd probably think it was kind of tacky though.


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