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[Comments] (1) Human Nature: For ethics class I had to watch Zambardo's Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as Milgram's Yale shock therapy experiment. I think most of all it taught me to think outside the box and not be afraid to say "I'm uncomfortable with this and I am no longer participating." Blind obedience is a terrible thing. I do hope that I am conscience of the choices I make in life and do not simply "go with the flow." I think many of my faith could learn something in this venue. However, if I do disagree with something in life, I have also decided that two wrongs really don't make a right (sorry Homer). Breaking the law to bring about "justice" as a vigilante is inappropriate, I think.

It also taught me a lot about the KKK. Wearing masks really does make people believe that they are something different than they really are. With all of that in mind, perhaps I should be Spiderman for Halloween....


Posted by Sumana at Fri Sep 17 2004 11:05

Basically all I can say is "me too" about your blind obedience observations, and about your anti-vigilante stance.

I was an IRS auditor for Halloween once. Pretty scary! All you need is a suit and a briefcase and a scowl. Also I was Gandhi about 6 years in a row. You would pull off "Thomas Jefferson" better than I did, I wager.


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