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[Comments] (2) : With Grandpa Richardson passing, I too feel like I have lost someone special. My first grandpa died when I was 6, and my second grandpa died almost exactly one year ago. He, however, was 97 at his passing, and had so many grandchildren and great grandchildren (most of whom were so much older than I) that I am not sure if he even really knew who I was half of the time.

But Grandpa Richardson definitely knew me. I was the "Mormon" boy that married his cutest granddaughter. He always had a handful of questions and/or comments just for me every time I saw him. Though B-town is far from my favorite place in the world, I always looked forward to visitng Grandpa while there. I will miss that very much.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Sep 15 2004 16:55

I also feel as though I have lost someone special. I never got to see Dalton in his prime years, but I always enjoyed talking with him. I'm glad I got to go to the service. It is too bad that you could not come but everybody understood.

Bakersfield, aside from the people I know in it, is also far from my favorite place in the world. But there are good yard sales. Leonard and I are weak for yard sales.

When are you going to be living in California so it will be easier for us to visit you, or vice versa? *stamps feet with impatience*

Posted by John at Wed Sep 15 2004 19:00

My start date is next August, so we'll move down then. But we're coming for Thanksgiving.

Also, it's like 7 hours from your place to the OC. And it's only 9 hours to Utah from your place. So, if you ever feel like a skiing trip this winter, feel free to ocme to Utah. Mi casa su casa.


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