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[Comments] (4) Luck of the Gods: Yes, it's true, the accounting Gods have been smiling down on me. For MBA 609 (Graduate business communication) there were like seven sections. I picked section one, because it fit nicely into my schedule. Or did I?...

I went to buy the book last week, but with a sticker price of $105 for a book the width of my pinky finger, I thought to myself, we'll go to class first and see how important this book is before we spend play money on something as frivolous as a texbook on communicating (something I do just fine on most of the time, thank you). Well, in class today, our professor handed out the syllabus, and it said there was no text for the course. Period. Apparently the other six teachers all use the same book, but we don't. We just read articles posted on Blackboard, etc. Wow! I saved $105 just like that. Praise be to the debit God for that one.

The weather Gods are another issue. We awoke to the sound of snowblowers this morning. Not having heard a weather report recently, I was pretty surprised, but figured that, by the time I went to work at 1 pm, my car would be clean and fine.

There was just one problem with such a theory: It never stopped snowing! It still hasn't. It is very pretty, even if cleaning off my car took 10 minutes. When I opened the car door, it looked like a cave in there, so dark from all the snow on it. Maybe this year Utah will break the trend and, though situated in a desert, not be in a drought situation.

So the football Gods, aka the BCS--a highly anticipated event for me each year, as I enjoy college football more than any other televised sporting event. What a letdown. Pitt never showed up to the Utah game, though it was cool to see a local team win big. And OU never showed up, giving USC the big W. Every time I turned around, USC had scored again. Jeepers. How boring for a championship game. Just proves that a playoff system is badly needed. When will they learn?


Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 06 2005 12:17

Yesterday our car was encased with 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch of ice all around, so we couldn't even get in the doors--Dave crawled in through the wagon hatch to start the car. He turned on the window defroster full blast, and chipped away at the ice on the car until it was safe for driving. Kansas weather is insane!

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 06 2005 12:50

Hmmm... That reminds me of being in Dallas for SOMEBODY'S wedding. It took us like an hour to find our windshield.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 07 2005 20:01

The USC/UCLA game was actually pretty interesting, as w gave them a run for their money, even though they won in the end.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 07 2005 20:02

Ohh yeah, I remember that, when we carried out hot water from the hotel to pour on the windshield (probably not the smartest thing to do, but it worked)

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