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Planned Parenthood: So we played mom and dad this weekend. The kids were well-behaved; the dogs were not. Actually the bigger dog, Nebo, is fine. The smaller dog, Jasmine, has detatchment issues, and was having a hard time coping without Erin around. She finally warmed up to me on Saturday, and that night slept under my blankets, signifying that she accepted me until Erin returned. And now I've left; she must be traumatized. My brother and sister-in-law went to Cancun for their "honeymoon" even though they have been married for 11 1/2 years. Better late than never.

I took them to the airport at 5 am Saturday. Then I came home and studied until about 8, then I showered and made breakfast before everyone woke up. I was proud of myself for studying and not feeling tired the rest of the day. We played Mario Party with the kids, watched The Muppets Take Manhattan. That DVD was a free prize in a cereal box; not bad. All I ever got out of cereal boxes growing up was disappointment at a toy that looked nothing like the toy on TV.

We also went to lunch and for ice cream at ColdStone. Susie and I then realized that those two redheads get more spoiled than our own children ever will. We also went to Logan's basketball game; unfortunately, they lost. Oh, and Ember and Susie played Parcheesi, which is apparently a game of Indian Royalty. At least it was before Parker Brothers got ahold of it.

Draper has some wierd local independent markets. One store is a local bodega called "Pirate-O's," wherein if you buy a parrot, you get a free pegleg. The other is a colorful little taco stand with cacti out front and is called "Guadalhonky's." I guess that's not so wierd; I mostly just like saying Guadalahonky.

Now it's back to work and school. How many days until April?


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