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[Comments] (4) Just for the record: The testing center. Have you ever seen the people with their open book/open note tests? If so, you may have seen me. Yes, I am one of those. I have spent over 6 hours in that beloved building this past week. And after every test it's the same: two or three people sitting around me will lean over as I am packing up to leave and say "It sure must be nice not to memorize anything and have it all be open book."

For the record, it's not true. We don't memorize it because the tax and regulatory laws change all the time. So it's more valuable for us to know where to look it up. But that doesn't mean it's easy.

For starters, picking a place to sit is problematic. I need at least two desks, which can be hard if I go to the testing center at the wrong time. Open book means two volumes of code, a textbook, calculator, and piles and piles of notes. And all of it is supposed to fit on one of those small desks? No way Jose.

Then there's the problem of difficulty level. If it's open note, then the test is not going to be mere regurgitation. It will require going well beyond the book, including gasp application of principles learned (something many people can't quite comprehend). So next time you see them, sigh for them and don't say anything.

As an aside, the kid next to me was obviously saying a prayer when he sat down. I must be rather cynical as I prepare to leave this university; I gave up on that practice long ago.

On a completely new tangent, I was thawing chicken for dinner last night. I was going to bread the chicken with bread crumbs (hence the term breading) but instead used coconut. The chicken wasn't very flavorful, but once I melted raspberry preserves to drizzle on top of it and added mango chutney on the side, it was a unique dining experience, as Susie said.

On the food topic, I called my grandma to ask if we could visit her tomorrow afternoon. I said I had a test in the morning, so I couldn't make it before three. She said that was fine, but was put out nonetheless that it was "too late for lunch, and too early for dinner." I promised her we could stay and take her to dinner, and she seemed ok with that. I can't wait until I am a grandma and spoil grandkids. Oh wait....


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