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[Comments] (4) March Madness: A whole week of nice weather is now gone. It's so cold outside. March in Utah is such a tease.

Last weekend I taught my five year-old niece Ember her multiplication tables. Today my sister-in-law said that she does them every day now. Thus begins the makings of a good accountant.

I got a 99 on my individual tax test; it would have been 100, but I didn't know that a back-hoe was five year property, and I classified it as seven year property. Yeah, like I memorized the 70+ depreciation class tables. Oh well; I at least feel more confident in doing VITA with that grade.

Last night was fun. All of Susie's cousins came over for dinner. Susie made brocoli chicken casserole, and I made spinach salad. Dinner conversation included but was not limited to the followinng topics:

Let the good times roll.


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