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[Comments] (2) Frustration: Last Friday I cleaned the house, which for me constitutes a 2-3 hour commitment, even though our apartment is so small. I like to rearrange a lot. I suppose it's because it makes my life seem less dull. But our apartment is so small, I can't really change anything, which is starting to get on my nerves. I'm stuck with the same "look and feel" to this place until July. And I'm not even sure if it's fung shei or not.

On the upside, I got out of my evening class tonight and it was still light outside. And tomorrow's supposed to hit 70! It's about time.

I have a final tomorrow, and then I can wash the testing center right out of my hair.

I was proud of myself for "watching" all 10 hours of conference last weekend (note I didn't say listen). I'm not a visual person so it's usually difficult for me. We spent the weekend at Casa Chadwick, and it was a lot of fun to be there on a weekend when my dad felt well enough to do stuff with me. We went to priesthood together and to the Soup Kitchen as well. We saw Finding Neverland, which, despite its predictability, was really good. The scene where he dances with a bear and clowns creeped me out, but the rest was really neat.

We also spent a lot of time with Jodi and Franco, since they live 5 minutes from mom and dad, and will soon live with them again. I kept teasing them that we were sleeping in their room, as they will be moving back in May. We have all these inside jokes together now, and I'll miss that when we move. As a side note, I also got to witness them fight with my mom about all the money they owe her. I'll have to heavily weigh the pros and cons to lending children money.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:21

Funny you should mention that part of the movie, John. I thought it was incredibly chessy as well.

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:54

Thanks for cleaning the house, honey! Would you like to rearrange the furniture this weekend?

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