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[Comments] (7) The Winds of Change: Some winds are favorable; some are not.

Unfavorable: For some reason Provo city has changed their whole auto traffic infrastructure. Now all the left turn green arrows come after the thru traffic has gone, whereas it used to be before. It's taking a while to get used to it, and quite a lot of horn honking, I might add.

Favorable: Today I volunteered at the FBLA state competition, just like I do every year. It always brings back memories of when I competed. My co-judge today was a really neat guy. Normally I get stuck judging with these old ladies and we never see eye to eye. So this was a refreshing change. We agreed on first place after we heard her; we didn't really even need to hear the other kids. My thank you gift for judging this year were official FBLA socks!

I was also thinking about how much fun it is to be a kid. Life is full of validating experiences, ie piano competitions with free dinner afterward, competing in FBLA to go to Nationals, winning at Nationals, etc. No one claps when I vacuum, do the dishes, make dinner, get an A on a test, get a job, etc. I miss those days of yore.

All that being said, we are still waiting for the winds of spring to really kick in.


Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 08 2005 14:24

*clapclapclap*! I am always appreciating you and your straight As. And your cooking. And cleaning. And dish-doing. And cute-looking.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Apr 08 2005 15:41

What is FBLA?

Posted by John at Fri Apr 08 2005 16:03

Future Business Leaders of America. It's a high school club, like FFA, DECA, 4-H, etc.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Apr 08 2005 20:45

Susie, you beat me to the clapping. Clap clap!

Posted by Rachel at Sat Apr 09 2005 11:37

*claps* yaaaaaay...

Posted by John at Mon Apr 11 2005 14:33

Wow, I must not be a very good writer. I was merely trying to note that all adults, not just me, probably realize that childhood is filled with awarding/rewarding activities that simply aren't there as adults. That said, thanks for the clapping anyhow.

Today was my last day for two of my classes. At the end of one, the students clapped. I refrained. I didn't like him, and didn't think he deserved it. Also, I found it incredibly cheesy to clap in this instance. Am I a hypocrite now?

Posted by Sumana at Mon Apr 11 2005 14:46

Nah. Choosing not to applaud doesn't make you a hypocrite here. I can wish for an endless supply of chocolate yet refuse to supply chocolate endlessly to someone else.

Most professors at UC Berkeley teaching lecture-style classes (say, 60 or more students) got a round of applause on the last day, but it was especially heartfelt for the well-liked professors. I seem to recall that there was one especially charismatic prof who got a round of applause at the end of EVERY LECTURE.

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