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[Comments] (7) Musings in A: Hmm. Sometimes my religion makes me want to scream.

I got a call from our travel agent about our cruise, which sails in just 18 days!! We have been upgraded from a 4A (interior stateroom) to a 7A (balcony with an obstructed view)!! YAY! I wonder just how obstructed this view is, or if there is enough space on the balcony to catch some rays in privacy. No matter; I'm excited.

Over this past semester, I have noticed in talking with many of my colleagues a repeated theme: Married women know nothing about money matters. To prove this hypothesis, I have purposely brought up the subject in conversations lately, and the findings are bleak. My colleagues (90% male) all pay the bills, invest the funds, do the taxes, even though for many of them, the woman is the breadwinner at the present.

I don't get it. Susie is very involved in our finances. She knows how much money we have, where it is, how to properly fill out a check, pay off a credit card bill, etc. I just don't get it. One friend noted that it's easier to say no to his wife's wants if he's in charge. I refuse to concur. Susie knows our present circumstance and future plans, so she can say no to herself. Incidentally, I never say no to Susie, but probably say no to myself on a daily basis. It must just be one of those toe-may-toe/toe-mah-toe things.

In closing, the tax man cometh Friday.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 13 2005 18:45

That is odd. I on the other hand, am in charge of all of Aaron and my finaces. Aaron doesn't know what bills to pay when. He doesn't want to be in charge, and I am afraid he would forget something important, so I don't push it. So, it's not like I won't let him be in charge, he just doesn't care.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 13 2005 23:03

What scares me is: how did people get to be so clueless? Did they never have to pay bills themselves?

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 14 2005 07:26

I may pay all the bills and balance the checkbook, but you are still in charge of "investing our funds" and doing the taxes. Thanks for never saying no to me!

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 14 2005 07:28

Rach: All of John's classmates must have married spoiled girls. But you'd be surprised. I had a roommate once who didn't know how to turn on the stove. I'm not kidding!

Posted by John at Thu Apr 14 2005 09:49

Since I can't comment on Sumana's page, here goes: "Two years ago: I started working
in customer service at a Web site." Interesting spacing techniques this document has. Also, I always thought your job sounded rather mundane. Today, that changed. You work at a web site. Wow. How does that work? A dash of fairy dust, some magic words, and into the computer screen you go? More importantly, how do you get out? It reminds me of that time Ghostwriter went in "The Net." Other than that, interesting reads. I'll be careful not to ask for your recommendation on where to get a good meal.

After I posted this entry, I remembered an article about a widow who was left her husband's business. Unfortunately, her husband was under IRS audit for tax evasion. It nearly cost her the farm, and she knew nothing about it. Communication is an interesting thing.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Apr 14 2005 10:08

Morning, John.

My mom knows more about money stuff than my dad. She wanted to go into economics as a profession, actually.

Why shouldn't you ask my recommendation re: restaurants? I'm happy to offer that information.

I also groan at the way the Bay Area Living website messes with paragraphs.

Ghostwriter made it into the Internet? Awesome! Did they ever figure out who Ghostwriter was and where it came from and what it wanted? I watched it on PBS and then it went to commercial TV and I lost track.

We have a special attachment to the punchclock that sucks me into the seventh dimension so I can crawl around inside the Internet. It's kind of like TRON. Then there's a matching punchclock inside so I can leave. It's really annoying when it's time for lunch and I have to do the whole rigamarole, but at least I'm better off than the smokers.

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 14 2005 12:08

Sumana: I, too, enjoyed your article. It made me laugh =)

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