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[Comments] (1) The Laughter of God: Watched "The Amazing Race" last night. All was in good form. Rob, who tries to play the game like "Survivor," tried to trick the old couple by asking them if they got on the earlier flight to Istanbul. There was no earlier flight; Rob was just messing with their heads.

Ha! There was an earlier flight, and thanks to him, all the teams moved in front of him except for Ron & Kelly (who I don't like anyway), because he broke his alliance with them.

Though I shouldn't care if they lose, it made me smile to see him get a taste of his own medicine. I guess if he wins the race or not is really irrelevant. According to Sumana, Susie, and Dante, a traitorous, diabolical mind like his is destined for the seventh layer of hell, which is rumored to be the "refried beans" layer anyway.

We leave for California this afternoon. I hope it is smooth sailing (literally) and we can find a place to live. I got my CPA exam CD's for two parts of the exam yesterday, so now I have something to do in the car. Hope I can muster the energy to study on vacation!

We're coming Tyler!


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