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[Comments] (4) Gym Membership: One of my coworkers never made it to the temple open house, though she is still interested in going. She asked if it is possible for me to take her on my membership card, or get her a guest pass. I had to explain to her that the temple is NOT a gym.

Speaking of the gym, I need to start going. I work so much and eat snacks during my 60+ hour weeks that a workout would do me good. So Susie and I make a point of going to Disneyland every other week (we're going tomorrow night). It's a totally free, strenuous workout.

Susie and I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. One elder was from Manti and the other from Arkansas. We had a nice conversation with them and learned a lot about how the work fares in paradise. We are volunteer ushering at the temple dedication this Sunday, after which we have been invited to dinner by our neighbors. There's never enough time to get it all done.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Aug 25 2005 21:33

Totally free? I heard a lot of argument when I said I was going to use my iPod so much it would be almost free.

Posted by Susie at Fri Aug 26 2005 07:38

Well, it's free now. It's even paid off our credit cards! Well, we will count the number of times we go to Disneyland and see the cost-per-use. I'm sure your iPod is at least down to any other music device cost.

Posted by John at Fri Aug 26 2005 08:15

The workout, as a pure opportunity cost, is free. It's the true cost of Disney, the rides, etc, that were not free.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Aug 26 2005 10:36

"work in paradise"...Geez John, we get it. You love CA. j/k :P

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