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[Comments] (12) Never Say Never: No matter how impossible I think it is, my schedule each semester becomes more demanding than the last. School is school, but it is my extra-curricular activities that are really doing it to me these days.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I recently changed jobs. I now work for Q Comm as an accountant in Orem. The downside is the 15 minute commute on a road filled with Utah County drivers. The upside, however, is working with nice people, having freedom and autonomy, the option to get extra hours, working holidays, and NOT working for a beaurocracy such as BYU. I'd rather not get into it more than that, as I am currently am in a good mood and would like to stay in a good mood. That and my soapbox is broken.

Tomorrow I start a community service program for VITA, which is the Volunteer Income Tax Association, run by none other than the IRS!

BYU runs the largest VITA lab in the nation, and for the next three months, I will be helping people file their taxes. Maybe seeing what other students make will remind me to be grateful for what I have. Although this project will require a lot of time, I am really looking forward to do it. It will be good practical experience, and help build confidence for having a side business one day doing personal income taxes for money! Move over, H&R Block!

I have three tax classes this semester, a business communications/HR type class, and advanced business law. A lot of the topics overlap, and I am struggling to keep all the rules straight in each class. The business law class is really boring and taught at 7 at night, but is supposed to be helpful in taking the CPA exam, so I am dealing with it.

But all this running around keeps me thin. It could be worse so I won't complain. This guy weighed more in the sixth grade than I do now! Sheesh.

I guess I should mention that we babysat Lily. It was good times, including watching Finding Nemo, a vibrating chair, cookies and milk (cookies for me, milk for Lily), and drool.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 21 2005 17:02

Thanks John (and Susie) for watching is good to know she is in good hands.
I wouldn't be asking this, but you said you are doing it for volunteer anyway, we would like for you to help with our taxes. It is just that we really want to get the most we can back, and you know the ropes more. The past 2 years we have done them for free through H&R Block on-line. I have been happy with them in the past so if you think they would be just as good with getting us as much money back then we can just file on-line. But if not, since you are volunteering, I might take advantage if you think it would be worth your time to take at look. I don't want to take advantage of you though, so just let me know.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Jan 21 2005 18:28

Good luck at the new job! I have some extra soapboxes in case you need one.

I'm thinking of doing some volunteer work helping poor people file their taxes this year. Have you ever done anything like that? How was it?

Posted by John at Fri Jan 21 2005 21:33

Kristen: The VITA lab is in the Tanner Building room 240, and is open from January 31 to March 15. Hours are 10 am to like 5 or 6 pm. So either come in some time or have Aaron come in. Because you are students with no real income or investment property (I assume this) then H&R Block can probably get you the same refund we could. I'll let you know the hours I am in there. It is free and we e-file, just like H&R Block. If you have some cool investment income (jealous) or something, let me know and I'll dust off the Code.

Sumana: Contact your alma mater or a local college to see if they participate in VITA. It is a nationally recognized program. I did volunteer two years ago, but by then I was in my first tax class and really only understood how the software worked, and nothing about taxes. So this year I am hoping to be more useful. I didn't volunteer last year because of my job interview fly-outs. You might want to check the IRS website to see if they maybe have a list of accredited VITA labs in San Fran.

Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 22 2005 13:10

When John says he got a new job, he really means he weaseled his way from a temporary job over Christmas to regular parttime. He can even work whenever he wants, if his class schedule changes. And he likes it.

John, you're going to do my taxes for free, right?

Posted by Rachel at Sun Jan 23 2005 11:57

The downside is the 15 minute commute on a road filled with Utah County drivers. Ohh, just you wait!

Thanks for helping me wiht my taxes :D

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 24 2005 14:31

We don't have any do you think we should just file with H&R Block? It would save me from a trip with Lily, b/c I could do them online at work.
Also, do you know much about 401k's? I have one here at work and I heard that first time home buyers can liquidate their 401k's without penalty just once. Do you know much about going about that?

Posted by John at Mon Jan 24 2005 17:10

I only know how to liquidate IRA's for home buyers. Ask someone in HR/accounting at your work. They'll probably have some form for you to fill out.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 25 2005 08:48

If you quit your job, which I assume you are doing to move to TX, you can rollover your 401(k) into an IRA, which can be used without penalty for a home.

Posted by John at Tue Jan 25 2005 12:38

Oh, in our lab we can file your state taxes for free as well, if that makes a difference. We also can do the EIC, which you probably qualify for this year with Lily. But HR Block probably knows that too.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 25 2005 14:25

Do you know if in UT we are allowed to file federal separately from state? Or do we have to do it the same time?

Posted by frances at Tue Jan 25 2005 17:50

Huh? Where is federal not separate from state?

Posted by John at Tue Jan 25 2005 21:41

Yeah, you can file separately. In fact, you can file federal without ever filing state I suppose. But you have to file state to file federal inn Utah, because they give you a credit for one half of the tax you paid to the feds.


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