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[Comments] (12) Tick Tock: I cannot believe it is mid-October. I can't possibly have been in the work field for three months already. It just doesn't seem possible. But I think I may have worked my last Saturday for a while, which is good, since my next CPA exam is coming up in just under four weeks now. People keep telling me that things will slow down at work; I'm not so sure.

Today was our first day in the barracks: Nursery. And, as fate would have it, we also had three new additions to the ward today as well. One of the new kids, Ethan, acclimated fine; he couldn't care less that his parents ditched him for two hours. The other new boy, also Ethan, cried the whole time unless I held him. Good thing he was so darn cute, cuz he droolled all over my tie. I guess I need to buy some cheaper church clothes until this calling comes to an end. The nursery is very excited to have a boy help out, though.

When they gave us the call, they decided to set us apart as Primary workers, so that, in a year or two, we can be moved into Sunbeams or something. Or pianist, since they know we can play the piano.

I started exercising again, and it's been nice. I figure, my head hurts at the end of every day from thinking, I might as well let my body ache as well. I feel so much better when I work out regularly. And the best part is that the gym is free and I can catch up on my show.

My family is coming down in two weeks and I am very excited to take my Labor Day holidays two months late to hang out with them!


Posted by Rachel at Sun Oct 09 2005 22:41

October has been going by too fast, hasn't it? I have so much to do before Nov.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 10 2005 08:30

Are you doing that namowrimo-doohicky again? I hope not, cuz it ruined your ability to play with us last Thanksgiving.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 10 2005 11:32

Haha, no I'm not. I actually don't really like most of what I wrote last november and am about to launch a major rewrite, but at least it got me started. I probably would sign up again, just bc a lot of people are and it's kind of exciting, but I'm going to be in London for the first two weeks of Nov so I don't think that will really work.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 10 2005 11:33

Are you guys planning on going to Leonard & Jeff's for thanksgiving? I don't think we've decided yet but leonard r wants us to bc he doesn't want to make the trip south for pats or whoever.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 10 2005 18:14

We'll go to SF for Thanksgiving if people will come visit us for Christmas.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 10 2005 20:01

What about grandma?

Posted by John at Mon Oct 10 2005 22:02

What about her? She can come too. Maybe she can show us the old farmland.

I think grandma will have enough visitors Christmas day, and would love to have your visit on a different day to spread out the visits.

But I'm sure we'll end up coming to B-town for Christmas. Fighting the in-laws for my druthers is an uphill battle. It's just that I only get one day for Christmas holiday....

Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 11 2005 07:14

Psh. You get a Monday off and you're taking two days of next week to spend with your family! And I am too! =P

Posted by John at Tue Oct 11 2005 07:54

Yes, but those are my Labor day holidays, and they have to be used by 11/15 anyway, so I can't extend them to Christmas. But we'll see how it goes; I've just been told year end is always hard to take time off cuz stuff always hits the fan at the eleventh hour.

Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 11 2005 09:17

Poor John and stuff hitting the fan.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 12 2005 17:21

Man, one day off for Christmas?? What a rotten state of things.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 12 2005 17:25

I say take the tie off when nursery time starts. Why even have a tie in nursery?

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