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[Comments] (6) Finally: I can leave work before the sun goes down!

Susie and I had a little shopping spree last night: bought new cell phones with CA area codes, bought book 12 of A Series of Unfortunate Events, of which Susie has most likely finished reading by now, and went to eat at Boudin. We split the roasted corn soup and a chicken pesto pizza.

What drives me crazy about all of this, is that last night was a Tuesday night. But we still had to scrounge for a parking stall at the South Coast. I guess shopping is always in fashion here in SoCal; I just thought it was only like that on the weekends. Always reminds me why I avoid the mall.

Next week they're shipping me to Cleveland for three days. The only way these trainings could be more boring is if they held them in some really lame place, like Utah....


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