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[Comments] (3) The Train in Spain Stays Mainly on the Track: Had to work in LA three days last week. Took the train and Metro twice (cuz then I was forced to leave work at a certain hour) and carpooled with a co-worker the third time. Taking the train made me realize that a lot of people are gone from home just as much as I am, but instead of working long hours, like I do, they commute their lives away.

I have to go back this week, and the project has to go out, no ifs, ands, or buts. Which means I have to drive, since the last train leaves Union Station at 6:30, meaning I have to leave the office by 5:45. Not an option. So thankfully Uncle Ernie has offered to let me get a hotel room at the Wilshire Grand. I hope I'll actually get to use it, as opposed to sleeping at the office this week.

Last night at Disneyland I ran into Patti, my coworker, who was with her crying five year old. She had just experienced the Tower of Terror and didn't appreciate the experience. And I saw a friend from high school, Liz Boggess, whom I haven't seen in eight years. I didn't recognize her; I recognized her father. And a month ago I ran into a sister missionary from my days in the Kong. So the morale of the story is: if you need to find a lost acquaintance, get annual passes to Disneyland and, chances are, they'll all turn up eventually.

Time is going by way too fast, but that means Thanksgiving is coming. Then Christmas. And I really don't have time to go shopping. Or vote this week. That's why I am planning a different sort of Christmas present this year for Susie.

Today in nursery I didn't have to hold Ethan the whole time. We all evolve on our own timetable I guess.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 07 2005 19:39

Holy Cow, John, you work a lot!

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 08 2005 08:05

I miss you! See you tonight!

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 14 2005 19:20

i can help you plan your pres. you do work alotie :*

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