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[Comments] (5) Overtime: Last night was a Stake Primary Leadership meeting. Susie and I chose to attend because we are already in a Nursery rut and thought we would pick up some new ideas. We were wrong.

I don't mind so much the first hour of the meeting, even though the Stake Primary Presidency was reading verbatim some script they had written, and between the activities, songs, and "primary woman voice" thing (you know of what I speak) going on, I felt like I was a CTR B again. That I can handle.

What I canNOT handle was the split-off meeting, taught by some member of the Stake Presidency. He went overtime by 20 minutes. And after the closing prayer, he decided to share two more scriptures. That I mind. Who is he to decide that what he has to say is more important than my schedule? I love speaking last in church, or any function, because I get the exciting opportunity to tailor my speech to the remaining time constraint, which, admittedly, I find fun. So naturally, I wouldn't understand how the other half lives. That half that thinks it's ok to throw time, structure, and people out of wack simply because he prepared too much and wants to somehow fit it all in. What he had to say was not so important; I've heard it all growing up my entire life. It must come down to pride (ie, he is so cool that what he has to say is obviously way more important than my own personal obligations). One of these days I'm gonna get the nerve to start walking out when time is up.

The highlight of the night was the donuts, because, well, our stake is rich and they were good kinds (spared no expense). I felt fully justified in taking two. Bottom line: no new ideas, so I guess we'll stick to the old routine of playtime, snack, and playtime.


Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Nov 11 2005 14:44

That is why I will enjoy being a doctor. When that happens (going over the time limit) I can just look at my beeper and stand up and walk out of the room.

I was told when I was in Young Mens that the spirit leaves when the bell rings. That is especially true in seminary.

I would think that the meeting would be centered on "how are we going to learn from these kids how not to mess-up our lives."

Posted by Frances at Sat Nov 12 2005 09:38

And when you have a baby, if the meeting gets too boring, you just pick up the baby and walk out. One thing I really miss about babies.

Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 12 2005 18:01

Yes, John has already said he's excited or that aspect o being a parent. the letter between d and g is broken on john's computer.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Nov 13 2005 10:59

Frances, you can come take care of my baby! John, you must have an amazing mother b/c your etiquette is impeccable.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 14 2005 19:13

yah i would just walk out without an excuse. shouldn't the meeting time being over be reason enough? i hated it when professors would do that, too. it was always the ones you hated anyway, which made it that much more tempting to walk out (I did just, a few times).

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