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[Comments] (5) Damn I'm Good: I got my latest CPA score back today (in 13 days time, thanks to being strictly multiple choice). 89. I seriously didn't think I passed, and had visions of "73" dancing in my head. Even though it's my lowest score so far and drags down my entire average, so be it. It's over. I am 75% done and on my way to becoming certified and expense-reimbursed. I failed to fail.

Work was nice this week; I even left at 4:30 today. Tonight we have a ward Thanksgiving dinner (we're going for the food), tomorrow we are going to see the reindeer at the "Merriest Place on Earth," and Sunday we celebrate Tyler's 4th & Justin's 11th birthdays. Unfortunately for Justin, we had to order his gift online and it won't be delivered until next Tuesday. Then Monday night we hope to go see GOF.

In completely unrelated news, Susie says that Garfield and Leonard share multiple similar characteristics. I'm not so sure I agree.


Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 18 2005 18:20

John: If you want to get comments, that's what you do.

Susie: What, tell falsehoods?

Ok, I was just saying Garfield's voice sounded like Leonard. kind of apathetic. And yes, John is so spoiled, he got Garfield's Holiday DVD for early Christmas.

John is terrible at failing. Everytime he moans about how "bad" he did on a test, I always refuse to believe it. And I am ALWAYS right. He never does bad! It's impossible!

Good job, honey. =)

Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 18 2005 22:10

I'm sure its possible but he'd have to try. Doesn't L like lasagna?

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 20 2005 20:05

Doesn't everyone like lasagne?

Posted by Kristen at Tue Nov 22 2005 09:55

that title made me lol. I don't know why, I guess I just didn't expect it.

Posted by John at Tue Nov 22 2005 20:39

I asked Susie if she would still love me if I swore on my weblog. But it's kinda a famous quote....

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